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We spare no efforts to provide the best possible conditions for your check-up.

From the moment you make you appointment, CIEM makes sure that your visit is as comfortable as possible and that your check-up is organized entirely to your convenience.

As soon as you arrive until the end of your check-up, you will be assigned an assistant who will guide you and explain each step in the check-up, informing you of any wait times and generally answering any questions.

Breakfast is provided for you after completion of the biological samples and technical tests.

The subsequent medical interviews and examinations are conducted by a resident physician and a cardiologist. On the basis of the results of the various tests conducted during the first part of the check-up (biological sample analyses, function tests, medical imaging tests, electrocardiogram and physical fitness test), they will discuss your state of health with you and identify your risk factors. Advice will be provided as a function of the results.

You will leave the centre with all your test results. A letter summarizing the clinical data from these examinations and tests together with any relevant medical advice will be sent to you personally at the address you have given.